Administrative Law

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the public is entitled to access agency records unless they are protected from disclosure by one of the FOIA's exemptions or exclusions. The Internal Revenue Service complies with the FOIA by maintaining publicly available materials on the Internet, staffing the IRS Public Reading Room in Washington, D.C., and by responding to written requests for agency records not available in the Reading Room. Read more

Enrolled Actuaries

An enrolled actuary is an individual who has satisfied established standards and qualifications and who has been approved to perform the actuarial services required under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). These services include the application of the principles of probability and compound interest to determine the present value of payments to be made after certain specified conditions are fulfilled or certain specified events have occurred. Read more

Mortgage Interest Credit

Low-income taxpayers who purchase a residence may be entitled to a federal income tax credit for part of their home mortgage interest paid each year. The credit is a direct dollar for dollar reduction of taxes owed. Generally, a qualifying principal residence may not cost more than 90 percent of the average area purchase price, but it can go as high as 110 percent in some targeted areas. Read more

Taxation of Dividends

There are many types of dividends, but they generally consist of distributions of cash, stock, or other property paid to a taxpayer by a corporation. Most dividends consist of cash, but they can be distributions of more stock, stock rights, other property, or even services. Read more

What to Do If You Have Not Received a Form W-2

You are familiar enough with the tax laws to know that you should receive a "Wage and Tax Statement" (also known as a Form W-2), from every one of the employers that you worked for during the year. You need it to prepare your federal, state, and local income tax returns because it contains a summary of your taxable and non-taxable wages along with all the taxes, both income and social security, that have been withheld. Read more