Given the unfortunate reputation that the legal profession as a whole enjoys in the United States, it is assuring to find a lawyer that you can trust implicitly. Gordon & Gordon, A Professional Law Corporation, represents individuals and businesses in commercial disputes and civil litigation in Los Angeles, and throughout California. The practice has three primary qualities upon which outstanding legal representation is provided: legal experience and ability; cost-effectiveness; and case selectivity.

Legal Experience and Ability

Gordon & Gordon represents clients in claims for financial damages based on the vital skills and experience acquired through many years of practice to successfully prosecute and defend all cases in which financial damages is an element:

  • Significant trial experience in the courtroom: Firm principal Anthony B. Gordon has more than 40 years of courtroom experience, beginning as a trial lawyer in South Africa, and handling cases in California state and federal courts, as well as cases internationally in Israel, London, Jersey, Guernsey, South Africa, and Holland.
  • Experience in all aspects of complex litigation: Mr. Gordon gained valuable experience working on mega-type cases at O'Melveny & Myers such as the Coordinated Asbestos Insurance Coverage Cases in San Francisco and the Exxon Valdez oil spill trial in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Familiarity with numerous legal venues: Mr. Gordon routinely represents clients in state and federal courts as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings. He has also represented clients in litigation in Israel, London, Jersey, Guernsey, South Africa and Holland.


In these difficult economic times, businesses and individuals alike must consider the costs of every action they take. When it comes to business disputes, legal fees for experienced attorneys can be burdensome. At Gordon & Gordon, we are committed to providing clients with first-rate legal representation in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Since the United States follows the "American Rule" as opposed to the "English Rule," the prevailing party does not recover his attorney’s fees and costs. This often results in a pyrrhic victory as it means that a litigant can end up spending $100,000 in legal fees to recover a debt of $80,000. This obviously does not make economic sense, and it becomes important to know how to balance risk against reward. Very often, it is best to avoid litigation altogether and to resort to some form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation.

Most litigation firms bill strictly by the hour regardless of result. This system is seriously flawed because it rewards hourly fee attorneys for their inefficiency and foot dragging. At Gordon & Gordon, we believe legal fees should reflect the value and results obtained by the work performed, which is why we utilize a "Value Billing" system. Our system allows us to bring our fees more closely in line with our clients' goals and expectations by adjusting the time billed to what a reasonable fee should be, which proves much fairer to the client.


At Gordon & Gordon, we undertake only those cases where our background and abilities have a high probability of creating a positive outcome for our clients. If we do not believe we can provide top-notch representation in your case, we will refer you to another qualified law firm.

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Gordon & Gordon provides a level of legal representation that can only come from decades of experience achieving success in all aspects of litigation, including sophisticated discovery techniques, negotiating settlements and resolving cases either through mediation or the trial process. To learn more about our services or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Gordon & Gordon, A Professional Law Corporation, today.